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About us

Kids & Bricks is a young company based in Delft, the Netherlands. The company was founded by industrial designer and engineer Foppe van Meer. Looking for innovative ways to encourage playful learning amongst children, he invented our L-blocks in combination with the matching table top.

His vision continues to be our main motivation. We like to think up new ideas on how to make playing and learning more innovative, fresh and convenient. With that in mind, we create innovative products that are valuable and useful for primary schools, preschools and after-school care.

We strive to make a playful contribution to the development of children. Not only intellectually, but also on a physical, social and creative level. By using our L-blocks, children can learn, play, be creative, move and collaborate – all at the same time. With our multifunctional products, we are happy to contribute to the creation of innovative education and inspiring learning environments.