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Multifunctional L-blocks

for innovative learning

Countless opportunities for learning, playing and moving, both indoors and outdoors

Surprising learning tool

Kids & Bricks takes playful learning to a higher level. As a fun tool during math class, as demonstration material for a lesson on spatial insight, as a prop during drama class, or as part of the gym lesson … The L-blocks are a convenient and cheerful addition to all kinds of education.

How do you build a fence, tower, staircase or cube? Kids & Bricks invites children to work independently on solving educational puzzles and assignments. The life-size dimensions of the L-blocks encourage children to work together. In this way, Kids & Bricks helps them to develop their spatial insight and collaboration skills.

Creative building game

During recess, too, children can enjoy themselves with Kids & Bricks. The blocks give them plenty of room to play together and explore their limitless creativity. Time and time again, the endless possibilities make for exciting play.

Kids & Bricks encourages children to think out of the box, experiment, let their imagination run wild and invent their own games.

Colourful furniture

Working quietly in class or gathering for circle time? Even that is possible with Kids & Bricks. Due to its convenient angular shape, each block can be used as a seat. With the included table top, a table with chairs is set up in no time.

The table top is treated with chalk paint, allowing children to write and draw directly on the table. Kids & Bricks is available in two sizes and therefore suitable for children of all primary school ages.

Why Kids & Bricks?

As an educational tool,
Kids & Bricks …

  • makes different types of lessons more interesting
  • promotes spatial insight and cognitive development
  • encourages children to share knowledge among themselves
  • contributes to the development of gross motor skills

As a challenging building game,
Kids & Bricks …

As a fun building game,
Kids & Bricks …

  • allows for different types of games
  • lets children play in teams
  • leaves ample room for children’s own imagination & input

As colourful furniture,
Kids & Bricks …

  • has a comfortable seating height for children of all primary school ages
  • is compact to stack and easy to store
  • brightens up any classroom

From pre-school to 6th grade

Kids & Bricks is available in two sizes, making the L-blocks suitable for all children aged 2 to 12.

L-blocks | Small

Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers (2–6 years old)

L-Blocks | Large

Great for primary school children (6–12 years old)

All benefits at a glance


Surprising, practical & innovative due to its versatile applications

Safe design

With safely rounded corners

Safe for health

Free from harmful substances & safe to use for children

For ages 2 – 12

Suitable for children of all primary school ages


Made of water-resistant and low-maintenance plastic


Made of 100% recyclable material

UV-resistant & colourfast 

Can be used both in- and outdoors

Locally produced

Produced entirely in the Netherlands

Ready for more Kids & Bricks?

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